Blockchain POC development

Blockchain POC development Company

Proof of concept of POC is like a prototype which is required to judge the potential of the blockchain technology. It gives you a clear evidence of the product’s success or failure. POC Software Development Company uses this concept in order to fill the gaps which may pose problems in the success of a blockchain concept. If you are looking forward to buying a product then you can rely on POC as it will provide with you an internal feedback and also make you familiar with the risks associated with the blockchain product.

One of the most important element in Proof of Concept application development is the pace at which the testing team can turnaround the POC. With the experience of working many SMEs, Jincoresoft knows the significance of POC and works towards building quickest POC possible using best of agile development methodology.

Blockchain POC development Services

Depending on your needs, our team may provide a variety of products for POC development. Here are some of the most frequent products used by development companies for POC analysis!

Logistics Management

Commodity is an important and undeniable part of many industries such as e-commerce, manufacturing, health care. These industries can create an MVP or some other type of blockchain solution for end-to-end product tracking, quality testing and  payment processing.

Identity Supervision

Managing user base ownership is a daunting task in industries such as fintech, insurance, education and health care. Businesses can explore new ideas and create a system model to verify identities, refugees or traces of fraud, education and social segregation.

Legal Documentation

Using a sample rather than a usable and applicable document is the most efficient way to keep the legal documents safe. It's ideal for creating a real-time manifestation of storage using the blockchain-based structure.

Insurance policies

Rendering flawless presentations of how a policy would work with all its limitations and conditions through implementations.

Record keeping

Perfect for making a manifestation of storage with blockchain based structure that amplifies the effects in real time.

Health care Record Storage

Health care is a promising field for all ages, and the potential for incorporating technical features is enormous.