Mobile Application

We want to give you, our client, lots of functionality with anything that we create. With that in mind, we offer many exciting opportunities with Web Applications.

Web Applications, put simply, is any software accessed through the Internet instead of offline on your computer. The popularity of web applications is dramatically increasing due to its ubiquity of web browsers and the convenience of its easy and global access. As a local application service provider, Jin Core Soft can work with your company to give you all the functionality you can possibly handle.

Having software available online allows users to enjoy the benefits and use of software without the nuisance of downloading and storing of the software on a computer’s hard drive. This allows the software the ability for regular maintenance and updates without the hassle of distributing and installing routine software updates of potentially thousands of personal computers. The possibility of what web applications can do is seemingly limitless, and certainly anything you can dream up can be adding to the interminable list. The most common forms of web applications include webmail, online retail stores, online auctions, wikis, and many other functions.

iPhone Applications

Development of iPhone custom-made applications for the most popular communicative device to today – the iPhone, combines the power of internet with its remarkable Multi-touch technology and extraordinary features.



 Android Mobile Applications

Android Mobile Apps Development using the popular Google Android Platform for Smartphones to take advantage of its design, compatibility and flexible features to create innovative next generation applications.



 BlackBerry Applications

Blackberry Custom Application Development at Web Werks, caters to all your business specific needs and leaves you connected with everything thats important in your personal and professional lives.



 Windows Mobile Apllications

Custom Windows Mobile Apps development for smartphones and mobile handsets using the Windows Mobile platform for unique business needs of your organization to increase your productivity and improve your competitive advantage.



 Symbian Applications

Symbian Apps Development for the fastest evolving Symbian OS platform combines the greatest benefits of cost-effectiveness, rapid innovativeness and creating reliable and fun applications that provide the best user experiences with the Symbian brand.

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