STO Development

Security Token Development Company

Security Token development is a new rage in the cryptocurrency industry. Fulfilling the requirements of the Howey test, the tokens derive their value from a tradeable external asset. It complies with all the federal security laws. The investors’ trust to put their money in various projects is improved. 

Security tokens are Crypto tokens that pass the Howey Test. These tokens usually derive value from a tradable external asset. Security tokens are subject to federal securities and regulations and hence deemed as Securitized tokens. Security Token Offering is built to increase the investors' trust to invest in various projects.

 We are the market leaders in Blockchain Technology. Our adept team has extensive experience in developing cryptocurrency, be it utility or security tokens that have helped numerous organizations achieve their goals. Based upon the distributed ledger technology, Blockchain App Factory has built cutting-edge state-of-the-art security token issuance platform.

Security Token Development Services

As one of the renowned names for ICO development services, we offer comprehensive solutions for your ICO from ideation, ICO creation, ICO marketing, and ICO launch services. Our passionate and dedicated developers work meticulously to understand your business vision and bring them to life in the most effective manner by implementing the best strategies. Our solutions ensure a swift, secure, stable, and seamless fundraising process, help you reach full potential, and increase your profit probabilities exponentially. Our seasoned experts will assure quick development, and deployment to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the curve.


Developing the tokens with cutting-edge technology and ensuring that they are capable of ballasting your business. Making them stout so they secure the benefits of your company and investor as well.


Providing an exchange platform as well to make it easy for token holders to exchange their asset backed investment. Enabling them to do it anywhere so they do not face any issues in the course of business.


Driving a marketing campaign for your security token offering, making it easy for you to find investors across the globe. With this service, we ensure that your business finds large number of investors.


Creating tokens that are backed by assets to ensure that investors get definite returns. This also ensure a clear path to business they do not have to make more efforts for tokenization of assets.


Making tokens equally useful for business owners as well as investors and the imparting the maximum value to both of them. It also brings assurance, security and levelled ground for everyone.


Giving you a robust payment portal to ensure that the buyers of your STO will be able to keep it safely and would be able to exchange it as well, making your offering more feasible to maximum investors.